Inheriting Chinese Culture and Sentiment Study Series

Courses include Incense culture, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese dance, Paper-cutting, Martial arts, etc., enable students to understand the culture, morality and cultivation. In return, this strengthens students' love for China.

Inheriting Chinese Culture Theme Poster Competition

The poster competition based on the traditional festival Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, etc., and the theme of "filial piety, loyalty, loyalty, faith, etiquette, honesty, shame" ethics and morality. This promotes Chinese culture and Chinese virtues, and nurtures students' Chinese cultural consciousness and cultural self-confidence.


Patriotic Education Promotion Theatre Appreciation and Basic Law Knowledge Quiz

The event is designed in the form of “Forum Theatre”. Through interactive discussion and sharing, and the competition in the school, students can deepen their understanding of the Basic Law and their sense of identity with the country and establish correct values.

Innovative Inspirational MV Creation Competition and Sharing Session

Through the creative competition, with the theme of inspirational related matters, students are encouraged to create and make music short films for competition. A sharing session is held to convey the positive energy of moral education to students.


Millennium Secondary School Teacher and Student Calligraphy Exhibition

Exhibition of teachers’ and students’ outstanding works and introduction of the Chinese history calligraphy, the evolution of calligraphy fonts, the stories and famous calligraphy masters’ works.

Shiwan Ceramics Making Tour

A school trip to Foshan, Guangdong to experience the techniques of making ceramic plates and traditional wood burning skills, and making ceramics as school souvenirs.

Greater Bay Area Historical Music and Culture Exchange Exhibition

A performance participated by teachers and students of the sister schools in Greater Bay District, the organizations in Macao and students of our school to promote the "Inheritance of Chinese Culture" and experience exchange between the schools in Greater Bay Area.

Experience Camp of Visiting Schools in Rural Area

Through participating volunteer service in rural area, we nurture students' enthusiasm for the care about students in Yishan District and stimulate students to cherish their teaching resources and prosperous living conditions so as to improve their enthusiasm for learning.


Talent Contest

Students perform what they learn on the stage Including music, dance, drama, magics and also invite former graduates to perform and share so as to enhance the relationship between students and alumni, and create an overall campus art atmosphere.


FUN Reading Lecture

Famous scholars host lectures and symposiums in an interactive manner, share reading skills and experience; regularly recommend celebrity masterpieces by means of posters, and set topics that are closely related to students’ life and coordinate learning activities to cultivate students' interest in reading.


Innovative Creativity ‧ Fifteenth Anniversary Writing Contest

The activity inspires students' creativity and organizational thinking, and enhances students' humanistic qualities, writing ability and thinking ability.


Understanding the Motherland, love me China-Inner Mongolia study tour and sharing session

The visits to the Inner Mongolia Museum, Da Zhao Temple, and the old streets of Sai Shang raise students' awareness of the history, culture of the motherland and the common goal of “One Belt and One Road” from different perspectives such as history, geography and economy.

Moral Adventures Camp

Through the core of activities such as disciplinary training, moral education, and physical training, we believe students will establish correct life goals, establish and strengthen their self-confidence, responsibility and positive values.


Elite Art Gallery Exhibition

The purpose of the exhibition is to show both students and teachers’ artistic achievements, recognize their artistic achievements, and provide students and teachers with opportunities to learn from each other.

Sunshine New Generation Healthy Hiking Fun Day

The event led students to the Macao Reservoir Trail to conduct a Healthy Hiking Fun Day. Through this event, students will enhance their understanding of the environmental protection knowledge of plants on the outskirts of Macao and raise awareness of environmental protection. Meanwhile, this encourages students to take the initiative to carry out various types of healthy and outdoor activities which build a healthy lifestyle.

Inheriting Chinese Culture Exhibition and Gala

The exhibition shows students’ fruity academic results of cultural classes through Chinese traditional costumes, books, calligraphy, paintings, paper-cutting, tea art, Chinese painting, and Incense appreciation to show the results of the students' cultural classrooms. There are various booths for visitors to appreciate and experience our students’ works. In addition, students perform Chinese dance, folk music, and martial arts to promote Chinese culture at the Gala.


15th Anniversary Teacher and Student Celebration Gala Dinner

Since the founding the school 15 years ago, the school has been committed to promoting lifelong learning for Macao residents and enriching their lives to contribute to Macau and the motherland. In order To show the gratitude to the teachers and students for their contributions to the school and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the school, it is scheduled to hold a celebration dinner in June this year.


Inspirational Songs CDs Giving Activity

The school has teamed up with a number of schools in Macao to select outstanding songs of inspirational theme produced by students and recorded these songs into CDs which were distributed to universities aiming at inspiring students' will on the positive energy of moral education.

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