A Healthy Hiking

The teachers and students took part in the Taipa Grande Nature Park Hiking on 2nd May, 2017.

Healthy City Activity

The activity was held near Ching Ming Festival and the weather was good enough for outing.

Healthy Outdoor Experience Camping

On March 3, 2017 (Friday), the school cooperated with the Macao Green Environmental Protection Association to organize a healthy and environmentally friendly outdoor experience camp. A total of 30 students from the same school participated in the camp.

Chinese Culture Hong Kong Exchange Camp

創新中學於2017年2月25-26日期間 ,於香港進行中華文化香港交流營活動,共十八名學生參與。團員總結時均表示此行收穫甚豐。 透過兩日一夜的活動中,十八名團員通過小組遊戲、茶藝課程、養身功等,深入了解中華文化的精髓,讓中華文化弘揚到下一代。

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